David G. Shink, CFP®

In 1992, David G. Shink, CFP® began providing financial advice.  David now leads Financial Institution Services in an effort to serve a select group of individuals and families. The core mission is for clients to achieve two primary objectives: a rational investing approach  and a commitment to decisions that build financial strength.


For years, David recognized a key dynamic : The returns of the AVERAGE INVESTOR are dramatically lower than the return of the AVERAGE MUTUAL FUND. In theory, this shortfall shouldn’t exist, but investors are drastically underachieving and do not understand why.


David decided to write about what he has learned in his book, Beware the Financial Industrial Complex.


A relentless belief in the quest for quality investments has driven our firm to explore why most investors fall far short from what they should accumulate and to share what we learn. In addition to encouraging smart investor behavior, David also explores how our relationship with money and what we choose to value can impact our lives.


If you want to learn more about David’s process, please email him at: david@adviceman.net


PHONE: (248) 661-8190